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Interest Rate Cut Chances Improving

Welcome to New Zealand Financial Services Groups first edition of Referrer News for 2016, where we will continue with our series of market commentary from one of New Zealand’s top financial journalists, Bernard Hickey. 2016 has already been the year of the rate cut overseas and is looking increasingly like it in New Zealand too. Global financial markets and commodity prices began the year on the back foot on concerns about China’s slowing economic growth and another slump in oil prices. Japan and Europe both eased monetary policy and stock prices slumped, adding to concerns about deflationary forces gathering in
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Home Equity Loans

Are you asset rich? Many New Zealanders have done very well to retire ‘asset rich’, owning their home outright.  On a financial front superannuation is often enough to cover the essentials, it doesn’t always provide for the things you want or sometimes need to enjoy your retirement.  Home Equity Loans (reverse mortgages) are an option for many.  As with all financial decisions, you should investigate your options thoroughly and make your own decisions regarding what is right for you. Our lender offers a reverse mortgage product otherwise known as a Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Release Loan or Seniors Finance. 
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